Sunday, February 21, 2010

Better From Behind

About three weeks ago, during one of my 3am wakeful musings, I came up with the idea to put the eyeball and pupil in the eye socket from behind. By cutting out the eye and forehead, it allows access to the eye lid from behind instead of carving out a hollow and then filling in the brow, eye and pupil, which took a long time and was never satisfactory.

After a few weeks of ruminating, I had a chance to implement my idea. I attempted it yesterday with nominal success and tried it again today, applying what I learned from yesterday's attempt.

It was a huge success.

It is one of those artistic breakthroughs that happens less frequently than it did when I was in the beginning of my career. They also require more effort to achieve.

As my technical skills improve, the graph of my artistic progress gets flatter and flatter.

This was a spike in the artistic graph and it's been awhile since I danced around in my studio celebrating the new discovery. (Continued below.)


Greer said...

IF pottery ever fails you, you could become a surgeon.

Russell Wrankle said...

What do you mean? I became a clay artist/potter after trying out surgeon. Being a surgeon was fine and all, just too much money.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

nice. i really like to see work-in-progress shots. congrats on the breakthrough. every now and again I come up with something that revolutionizes the way I build frames. I always feel like a genius until I bump into someone else's work that was done 20 years ago that already had it figured out.

jaycie said...

3 a.m. musings are always a great time to discover new things to apply to your art and to your life!

your writing never ceases to amaze me at how capable humans are at adapting, learning, and growing.

you've inspired me to look at things i'm not satisfied with and make changes that will allow me to make my life as brilliant as it can be!