Sunday, February 21, 2010

From Behind, Continued

I'm sure this isn't that amazing to the sculptors I admire, but this idea was new to me and it opens all kinds of aesthetic possibilities in the future.It's faster to execute and it looks better.

I wish I could go back and "fix" all the sculptures that I've created before now.

But as we all know, everything that we make is a stepping stone to the next best piece.

After it's put back together, it begins to take on a life of its own and starts telling me what it wants to be.

How many minuscule and profound artistic breakthroughs will it take for a maker of things to become an artist? When will the objects they create become more than the sum of their parts? I'm lucky. I have a wife who supports my art and makes space for me to spend hours a day, searching for new possibilities.

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Greer said...

You are indeed blessed. Wish I had a wife! Just hired an assistant, but not the same thing.