Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art and Perception Magazine Article

This is an article that just came out in Ceramics: Art and Perception magazine: The ink is still wet as it only went public yesterday. It was written by my friend Peter Stempel, a local/international architect and artist. By clicking on the article, it will increase the size of the print so that you can actually read it.

Leave a comment. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


Elisabeth said...

You are obviously a hugely talented ceramic artist, and your sculptures, pots and glazing techniques are extraordinary. However, I find your sculptures of the dogs rather disturbing, and it takes away from my enjoyment of your art. Cruelty comes to mind.

Nathan William Murrell said...

Hey Russell, I loved the article and the work continues to look amazing!
I have to respond to Elisabeth's comment about animal cruelty because she misses the point and seems to enjoy everything about your art except the Art part. I think she would do well to actually read the article instead of making irresponsible comments that somehow infer you promote animal cruelty. Yes Elisabeth, "cruelty comes to mind" ...and pain and suffering and they are uncomfortable to view, but they, like most Art, act as mirrors to the inner self and are not one dimensional representations of actual events. If you want something easier to look at and understand I might suggest watercolors or the wall decor section of Home Depot.

Great job at stirring the pot Russell, when people don't like your work your obviously doing something right!

Bonnie said...

Ok, so I guess I've always been the one who looks at the pictures in the National Geographic, and rarely gets to the text. I read half a page of the article, and then began sliding down the page to suck up the pictures. I've usually felt guilty about this visual pleasure at the expense of the meat of the story. Then I got to the pics. of your daughter. What a sweety, with her carefree carrot. I chilled on the self rep-remand. I'll skip the meaty words for now and stick to the visual beans and rice. I'm delighted to see you found a new technique And danced about it! Thanks for sharing your techniques and joys.

Nigel said...

I re-discovered your work recently and had only seen the rabbits. So, I was happy to read what the work's about and to see a bigger cross-section of what you do. Now I'm curious about what I missed in between. The last work I saw was those awesome prickly pod objects at BYU.