Friday, May 7, 2010

You Can't Prove a Negative

The sweet spot in this kiln is the right side of the top shelf. I usually place teapots and other vessels here that are more complicated and require a lot of time and effort in making. After getting the kiln mostly loaded, I second guessed the placement of the teapots, specifically the handles. I don't like handles and spouts to be exposed to direct flame, the extra heat can distort the shape and wash out the glaze. So I abandoned the kiln loading, came in the house for a pre-dinner cocktail (or two), then after dinner I came back to the kiln and re-stacked these five pots.
This picture represents the finished stack. I tucked two of the teapots behind the pitcher and the third one that you can see is not as exposed to the flame. I have no way of knowing if this was the right decision. Once it's fired, I have nothing specific to compare it to.

Over the years I've learned to depend on intuition. The problem is that when I get these doubts and concerns about what I'm doing, I tend to stop and think about it for a long time. In the evenings as I fall asleep, I commit myself to being better at making decisions in a more timely manner, but I don't. It's a little thing, these five pots, but I sure can get worked up about it.

I'll post the outcome this Sunday, May 9th.

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jaycie said...

i'm very excited to see them! p.s. i miss Ella.