Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost There

Here are two nearly (dry then glaze) finished pieces that will be on their way to in Montana. I'm having a solo show in conjunction with my three week residency. The one on top with the tortoise shell took me several months to complete. This was the first time I used the tortoise shell imagery and couldn't make up my mind how to attach it, let alone how to create the shell texture. So because of my continued artistic confusion and indecision I labored over this for a long, long time. With the deadline approaching, I was forced to make a decision and I'm glad I did. This might be my favorite sculpture in along time.
This sculpture started out as a rhyton (visit my website), but after it was half way finished I got a 3am idea to put the hare on its tip toes. I've done this before, but wanted to try it again to see if I can be more successful. I'm happy to report that I'm satisfied that this hare is sufficiency standing on it hind toes, especially the hind leg that's furthest away. I'll take an official picture and focus on the tip toe after it's glazed.

I have two more sculptures in the house that are bisqued and ready to glaze, plus two more in my studio that require hollowing out and refining. The deadline is coming up fast so I'll be putting in some studio time.

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