Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zion National Park Tunnel Walk

When I was a kid, we'd drive up here from Palm Springs, California for vacation. At the time, you could stop in the tunnel to look out of the windows. These days, no stopping is allowed and they put curbs in to block the pull outs. For the 100th anniversery of Zion National Park, they closed the tunnel to traffic and allowed 300 people to walk through. I was one of the bus drivers that transported the walkers to the upper end of the tunnel. (the guy in the lower right is the owner of the recorded voice that you hear if you're taking the shuttle to one of the trail heads in the main canyon)

Above is a view from one of the turnout openings.

Exiting the lower end.

Exiting the lower end of the tunnel.

Another view from the turn out.

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