Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Time Tumblers

I usually don't make tumblers, but I have started to really enjoy summer beverages, so I decided to make a few. Here I am mixing the glaze, it's an icy blue green color, perfect glaze for an icy, summer time beverage. Notice the wet shirt. I dunk my head in the kids pool and let the breeze from the swamp cooler keep my core cool.
I'm dipping the tumbler in the glaze, bringing the glaze to the rim and not letting it overflow into the interior. The tumbler is already lined with a shiny white glaze.

I'll be unloading the soda kiln full of tumblers tomorrow and posting them on etsy by Sunday. Hopefully it's a good firing, check it out to see.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love the two tumblers i picked up this summer. they feel great in your hand and the color is matchless. thanks for keeping at it! toni in mesa

ps. thinking these could be thrown upside down? I'm going to try it.