Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Pet

We have some neighbors that let their rabbits go free because they were tired of taking care of them. They're not too bright and are irresponsible people(all cute Easter bunnies grow up). So of course they found their way to our yard and garden. This one was pretty easy to catch, I just picked him up by the scruff. The other one is a bit more skittish and we caught him when he entered my studio and we were able to scare him into a makeshift trap. Lori made them a hutch and now we have two new pets.
Now that we have them housed and fed, the neighbor girls want to take ownership again. Their parents should have taken responsibility and built them the proper hutch instead of some on the ground, maggot infested cage. The maggots are why they let them go. Lazy!
The girls love them.