Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Budding Talent

Here is Eli, 12, practicing his violin. He started several years ago and it was a bumpy start. He complained and cried about going to lessons and practicing, so we let him quit for about 6 months until he got a little older. Today is his last day with Robin Keith, she's only qualified to teach the violin to book 4 of the Suzuki method (she is a cellist). We're onto a new teacher who is a violinist and plays for the local symphony.
It's interesting to listen to him play the movements of "Concerto in A Minor" by Vivaldi and remember when it wasn't long ago that he was struggling with "The Twinkles".

Part of the charm of our house gallery is that returning customers and friends get to see our kids grow in talent and stature. This is not your typical retail experience, but I dare say it's more rewarding. You get a local(back yard) hand made vessel and you know exactly where your hard earned money is going, ie. music lessons for the kids etc.


Kim Hambric said...

Ah, those lessons. My seven-year-old daughter just sat down to practice piano. She didn't want to. She's just learning a new song & that never goes well. She's got talent though and I hope she continues.

I guess in my house gallery, you can hear my daughter play the piano and me curse when I accidentally stick a needle in my finger.

The beautiful tile I purchased from you is busy cruising my house until the right spot is found.

Love those canisters in your previous post.

Russell Wrankle said...

It's interesting the type of folks that walk through our door. There's the person that walks in and realizes someone lives here and the atmosphere is tense. They leave as soon as possible, the other extreme is the person that comes in, sits down and acts like an old friend. I enjoy the latter but undertand the former. As for music, it's a long commitment. Hopefully they will benefit from the experience. thanks for your comment.