Thursday, June 4, 2009

Broken Hare and a New Mold

After working on this piece for 50 or so hours, I loaded it in the kiln and broke the two front legs off. This was an important piece, I felt as though I made some technical, conceptual and aesthetic progress, so to break the piece before it was fired was truly heart breaking. After a few days mourning the loss, I decided to make a mold of the broken hare.
I cut it into pieces, then poured plaster around the parts. It took me two days to make the molds since my skills are limited. (Why didn't I pay closer attention during that mold making workshop?) Anyway, after the molds dried in the desert sun, I pressed clay into the negative created by the cut up pieces. I now have a new piece put together. It's not finished, it needs to be cleaned up, but I'm only 3 hours into it which previously would have taken me 15-20 hours had I started from a fresh bag of clay. I'm looking forward to making some molds of more pieces as I finish them. Maybe I can make 4-6 a month instead of one. I'll post pics of the piece in progress later.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

bummer. nice rebound.

Russell Wrankle said...

Nice rebound I hope. Maybe a new positive direction for my work. Hopefully it will open new aesthetic doors for me.