Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In the Works

Three sculptures in various stages of completion. I almost gave up on the left one, too complicated and time consuming. The middle one is dry and ready to bisque then glaze. The one on the right is still giving me fits. I'll attach the arms after I figure out some technical and aesthetic issues with the lower half.


so said...

yeah i have been thinking about you too
nina rules
peace so

jules stout said...

Well...you obviously worked through the fits...if the one on the right is the same one that hung on the walls in Phoenix...I couldn't walk away...or at least every time I tried, I was pulled back. Congratulations on your Gravitational Rabbit!

~ jules ~

Russell Wrankle said...

It is the same rabbit/hare and I feel pretty good about it. It did get too big for my kiln(it just kept growing until the proportions were right) So I had to fire it in a gas kiln at SUU. Thanks to the help of Susan Harris. I like that you called it "gravitational rabbit". I'm a fan of gravity.