Monday, February 2, 2009

Hand Made Tile

When we moved into this house 8 years ago, the updates were cheaply done. Originally, there were no bathrooms in this house so we're grateful for the indoor plumbing, but it could have been done better. Currently our shower is down stairs in what was once the pantry. The previous owner chose the cheapest solution and after 8 years, it has run its course. So we're removing the shower downstairs all together and replacing it with a sink and putting in a shower upstairs where it should have been from the beginning.
I made these tiles with the help of my bride and kids. It takes a lot longer than I expected and with sculpture exhibit dead lines looming, I'm finding it difficult to focus on finishing the job. We have all the tiles made, I just need to glaze and fire them. When the shower is finished, the tiles will be placed where the backer board is installed. I like the wiggly, uneven quality of the hand made.

We have a wonderful installer who is doing our remodel and happens to be our neighbor and friend as well. Nate Torgerson is the guy you want if you need anything done to your home. He has great ideas, works quickly and efficiently and is great to have around.

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