Thursday, March 6, 2008

Making Art with Wind

Last week Lori, the kids and I went to a public hearing concerning the Toquop Coal Fired Power Plant just over the border in Nevada. It's about 28 miles from St George. Most of the speakers were against it. I am too. Coal is antiquated, it fouls the air and water and there are better options out there. The air around here is mostly clear and I'd like it to stay that way.

After the meeting, we stopped by the hardware store and purchased more Energy Saver bulbs( the curly ones) and replaced several of the older less efficient ones. Also, since there is better, renewable technology, we've decided to purchase wind power for our home and studio. Wind energy is more costly, but it's time that we live what we believe.

I fire an electric kiln about twice a month, some times more. Each time I fire it, I think I really should be using renewable energy. Eventually, I'd like to purchase solar panels and do the reverse metering, but for now we are using the wind to make art.

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