Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Workshop at Southern Utah University

Susan Harris, Assoiciate Professor of Art at Southern Utah University, Ceder City, Utah has invited me to come up and do a two day workshop January 31 - February 1, 9am-4pm both days. I'll be making teapots, mugs, plates, vases and sculpture. Also, I'll have some finished pottery for sale.


Chase said...

This was such an awesome workshop! The most informative and the most inspirational that I have been to since being at SUU. Everyone was in awe of the way he manipulated the clay into square plates and such. The discussions were great too, well done Russell.

rw said...

thanks Chase, I had a great time. I loved the stories everyone shared and I always like talking pots. Thanks for having me.

Anthony Magnetti said...

Thanks for coming to SUU man. Sorry I didn't comment about this earlier. The workshop was great. You and all the pots you made were super helpful to my own work. I appreciate you bringing up the sculpture from your studio and telling so much about the ideas and stories behind it and your other pots as well. I also enjoyed the slide show you had I was very glad to see your under-grad/graduate work it has helped push me in my own direction. Later.