Sunday, January 20, 2008

about blogging

Lately, I've received complaints ( you know who you are) about my infrequent blogging. Let me say that to begin with, I'm a little hesitant to blog in the first place. On the one hand, I think,"Who cares about what I do"? And "Blogging is a little masturbatory and narcissistic". On the other, maybe if I give a little back story of what it's like to be an active artist with a family and financial responsibilities etc. it may convince someone to come purchase a bowl, pitcher or tile.

As a 43 and a Luddite. My day doesn't revolve around the idea of "what can I do today that's noteworthy or cool so that I can blog about it later". Instead blogging is an after thought. That said, I think this blog helps people understand a little about what I'm up too. Hopefully, I'll find the right balance between self indulgence and a contribution to the overall art conversation. I doubt though that I'll ever be a daily blogger, even though the number of daily visitors is proportionate to how often I post. We'll see. Check out for what I think is a nice blog backed up with skill, talent and craftmanship.Thanks for tuning in.

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