Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Sale and Kiln Firing

The last time I fired this kiln was over a year ago, so it required some relearning before Lorna came to town with all her pottery. She's without a kiln right now and in order to get her here for our Holiday Sale, I made this one available. So I made enough work to fill it twice before Lorna fired it. The first firing was oxidized too much and everything was washed out and the second time was great, so I had enough new information to assist Lorna in her firing. She fired it differently than I do and was happy with the results, which was a relief and an education. Along the way, the thermocouple burned out twice. Luckily there were some spare ones on other burners.

The Holiday sale was amazing. I wish I could thank everyone that came here to support us and the other artists. A local said"where do you find all these people in little Toquerville"? I say, "raise the bar, bring in good artists that have a unique artistic vision, and people will come". And they came. Thank you.

This is the kiln door a few hours after I turned it off. Firing this kiln is always a little stressful so when I finally turn it off, I'm relieved because I know I've done the best I could. I have to wait two days before I see if I made all the right decisions.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

all of our christmas shopping was finished up at the holiday sale. it was interesting to see other people's pottery (o.p.p.) and to stuff myself silly with delicious treats. thanks for the invite.

Dan said...

Anything left? I am so happy to find out that my favorite pot dude has returned to our "pretty great state." (Thanks Sabrosa linkage) I would drive from Provo for a Russell Wrankle piece of clay. Actually we will be heading to Baja to celebrate Navidad, would love to stop in and add to my collection (and replace broken favorites).

Dan Harper