Monday, February 8, 2010

Work in Progress

This sculpture is finally finished. That is to say it's drying slowly under plastic waiting to be bisqued and glazed. These pictures show how after completing the piece, I slice it up and hollow it out. I make them solid so that I can manipulate the clay without the piece cracking or collapsing as I search for the right proportion and form.
The series of pieces that I'm currently working on will be on exhibit at Red Lodge Clay Center. I'm having a solo show titled "One head, Two bodies" which will consist of several sculptures and as many pots. I'll be at Red Lodge this summer for a three week residency and I'm lucky to be able to take my family along as well. I'm thrilled for the opportunity to rub shoulders with other artists and support such a great program.

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Greer said...

Road kill. Way cool about Red Lodge!!