Monday, December 7, 2009

Why I make art/sculpture

The following is an email inquiry from the father of an autistic son who was interested in purchasing this piece. This is why I make art. Your animal sculptures are bound to elicit a lot. They ride a keen edge, just human enough to let you happen upon the emotion, just animal enough to keep it at an observable distance. Right where you want to be, as an art-looker.
Thanks to my son, I've logged some time explicating emotions and their signs. I enjoyed seeing your unexpectedly expressive animals, they were just incongruous enough to catch me off guard and draw me in, without being cartoonish or garish.
Where'd I find them? I like ceramics and was hunting on the internet for something for the house. I used to live in Iowa City (now I'm in Fort Worth, Texas), and saw your stuff on the AKAR site. I liked the rabbits right away. They made me think of a Mexican curio I keep in my house (see pic). When your page mentioned Precolumbian dogs I thought wow, this takes what I've liked about that further. More was just a Google away.
I ended up on the and ordered one or your cannisters from them. I'm afraid the animal figures are, deservedly, a decimal place beyond my price range.
Hope you have a good Holiday event, and I wish you the best in your ongoing work.
Always glad to take a tip of a hat for parenting efforts, but I'll mention the upsides too, that my son (being literal and rule-bound) is one of the sincerest, most unswervingly loyal people you could hope to know and (having a perseverative memory) recalls instantly the last thing you mentioned when he last saw you, in order to ask you about it. He also feels whatever emotions he does perceive very intensely, and so he tries to be incredibly discreet when he brings up a conflict (which you can generally see coming a mile away). May you be so lucky with your own when they hit the teen years. I kept things simple with a 1 parent-1 child dynamic. I can barely imagine the complications of a 2-parent 3-child world.

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