Friday, October 9, 2009

Opening at the Plinth

This is our life and on this road trip with the kids, from Toquerville to Denver to Durango and back, I began to think about what this life is doing to/for our kids. It seems to me that it's a pretty extraordinary life. We take the kids to openings, we have art sales here at the house where they get to meet other great artists and patrons. Lori make gourmet meals almost every night and we make dinner around the table a priority. We introduce them to interesting and somewhat challenging music and they are all taking and engaged with music lessons.

This is our life, and to me it seems normal. But I suspect that it's not. While we don't have tons of money, we still provide our kids with as much experience as possible. As a result, we are starting to notice that the kids are engaged with their world and are eager to explore new things. From Denver we drove to Durango and spent the night with Lorna Meaden and after the visit with her, I was glad that we have relationships with extraordinary people living creative and interesting lives.

I love this picture of Brynn, striking a pose in front of the Plinth Gallery. There's the universe and then there's Brynn, smack in the middle. For our kids the extraordinary is pretty ordinary.

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