Friday, November 2, 2007

Victor's thoughts on value

I like what Victor says, he owns the Rocking V Cafe in Kanab, Utah. He sells my tiles in the gallery up-stairs. The food is great. I would use his cafe logo for this blog entry, but can't down load it.

"We also hear from people saying. "Geez your prices are so high........"We all make choices.Many of the people who complain have brand new 4-wheelers that they ride only once a month. That's 7K sitting in the garage for almos tthe entire year. That's what's important to them and that's fine.The McDonaldization of America (and by the way I do love my occasional Big Mac or 1/4 w/ cheese!!!!!!) has led the American consumer to believe they can have whatever they want, whenever they want, where ever they want it, all at the cheapest price. Consumers want to apply the McRules to all facets of the market place. While I can understand people asking for the discount, because theyfeel it's their God-given right to have the lowest price on EVERYTHING, we do not have sell ourselves short.There ARE plenty of people in the world who appreciate quality and are willing to support the producers who supply it. I once saw a biz program on some surf bums who started a fish taco stand. That stand grew into a multi-million $$$ business. One of the founders said that they would never discount their brand. They charged full price or they gave it away, nothing in between. That way the integrity of their product was preserved. Always remember, as a happy & satisfied customer told me earlier this year: QUALITY will always be remember long after price is forgotten." Victor

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