Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Response to Previous Blog

Hi Russell,
It was so nice to meet you and visit. I just got home from my week in Toquerville and looked up your web site. I discovered Toquerville Clay a few years ago. I bought some tile and mugs that were made there and at that time I promised myself I would be back for more someday. I made my return visit the day before Russell posted this wonderful story. I was lucky to hear it from him first hand. I have an obsession with hand thrown pottery. I enjoy using it and having it displayed throughout my home. I enjoy giving it as gifts to family and friends. I love the look, feel, and memories that go along with every piece I own. It doesn't matter which piece I use, I'm reminded of the trip I was on, who I was with, the person who was kind enough to give it to me as a gift, or I continue to admire the talent that went into making the pieces I buy from my favorite potters. Everytime I have a cup of coffee or tea, I not only enjoy the beverage, Ienjoy holding and feeling something that was not only thrown by another persons hands, but also their heart and their spirit. I've paid more and I've paid less than $20 for the hand thrown mugs I've bought over the years. I never think about the price tag when I use them. I only think of the memories that go along with each piece. I often think how lucky the person is who can make a life and living from using a talent that they have been given. Something they have such a passion for, that they can create objects that others can enjoy. What pleasure that must bring.
I'm looking forward to my cup of coffee tomorrow morning. I know just the mug I'm going to use for the very first time. I won't miss the $20 I spent instead I will remember the beautiful little girl running to the cupboard to get newspaper for her Dad to wrap the mugs in, the smile on her face when she handed it to him. I will remember the potter who took the time to invite me to sit while I shared a story with him and then he told me one of his own. Thanks for making my visit a pleasant one.
Best Regards,
Cheryl B

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