Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Teapot to Xen Gallery

I decided to send this one to the Xen Gallery in St Louis. I liked that there was more color on the handle and I liked the plumpness of the knob. Also, the green came out differently than it usually does and I like it. http://www.xengallery.com/

I'm hoping to make another five teapots. I enjoy working in a series and responding to the strengths of previous attempts. They take quite some time to complete, I need to commit a full day for just the throwing. Sometimes I wish I could complete these more complicated objects in less time.

I'll start the new series when I get the two sculptures for the symposium in Lawrence, Kansas closer to completion.


Elaine said...


Harriet and I saw your teapot at Xen. Went to the opening just hoping you would be there. Your pot is beautiful--as always. Love your web site and am intrigued by your new sculpture. Tiles are wonderful. Got your postcard about your holiday sale. Do you have any tea bowls?

Love to you, Laurie and kids. Hope you are all well and happy.


rw said...

elaine, when are you coming west? We need a visit from you and Harriet, the weather is nice. Russell