Saturday, August 25, 2007

sculpture, almost finished

Here's a new sculpture I'm working on. It's going to Lawrence, Kansas to a show that Dan Anderson curated. It's part of a symposium at the Lawrence Art Center that Ben Ahlvers is putting together. I've been working on it for some time now. I wonder if it will ever get finished. They're getting a lot more complicated. This one has a lot more straps and the straps are wrapping around two of the legs. With each new sculpture I do something different and so over time all these changes add up to significant progress.


Anne Bradshaw said...

I'm contacting all the LDS bloggers I can find to let you know about an LDS blog ring set up by a writer friend, Candace Salima (you can access it on my blog sidebar if you scroll down), and also to spread word about a great new time-saving blog tool that goes right in your browser tool bar.

How to access and use this tool was posted on my blog yesterday at

Please pass this message on--and enjoy!

Great sculpture!

rw said...

Feel free to include me in this LDS blog ring. However, while raised LDS, I no longer adhere to its tenets. I prefer to raise my children in a more inclusive, non-insular environment. Plus, I like coffee.

Anonymous said...

this ben ahlvers you speak of... he sounds very sexy. tell me more about him.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon.
think you are confusing ben ahlvers with ben bates!
Anon II

Anonymous said...

Dear anon II.
nope. there's a clear distinction between the two bens. ben bates although he has nice hair and a great body, his secret love of punk rock and he smells like pancakes it is a turn off.
anon I