Monday, April 30, 2007

bike builder

Jon, Delena and Noelle stopped by to purchase a few dishes. He's a civil engineer in Arizona but his love is building bikes. They were curious about what it took for us to abandon the main stream life and do what we love. I didn't have any real answers except that there aren't enough people following their passion in life. He loves bikes and so does she. There's a bike culture out there that I'm familiar with on a cursory level, they live and breath it. From what I read on his blog, he approaches the craft of bike building like I do with pots, love the material, keep your artistic/bike building integrity and do it because you love it. Figure out the money later. That's his bike that he made in the truck. I like it when people like this visit me. The arts bring interesting and smart people into our lives


Sabrosa Cycles said...

Thanks for the advice Mister Wrankle. We love So. Utah and I can see us moving that direction in less than or equal to 3.667 years. The pots are lovely. Good luck with your gas huffing neighbors.

Malka said...

Good for people to know.