Thursday, January 25, 2007

Original Tile Design

While teaching college in Denver, I spent a lot of time developing a line of market based tiles. One day, while riding in an older model car, I noticed the dash board was split and puckered like the soil is just before a seed sprouts. Inspiration comes at the oddest times because I immediately abandoned my original market based tile designs and began making tiles like this one. The first few had less texture and the nine bumps weren't as visible, but the concept remains the same. From this one tile, all the other designs have evolved. I have never regretted abandoning the market based tiles, making them would have become a chore. Now, each night when I think of the next day's studio time, I look forward to what might happen with the next batch of tiles. The honeymoon is still on, I sell what I love to make. Go to for more.

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